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One: No Longer The Loneliest Number

By Joshua Glenn
The Boston Globe - August 28, 2005

IN THE mid-1990s, E. Kay Trimberger, a sociologist at Sonoma State University, interviewed a diverse group of some 50 women between the ages of 30 and 60 in order to study the means by which women might liberate themselves, as she puts it, ''from the prevailing cultural notion that happiness can only be found as part of a couple." None of her interviewees, however, had managed to do so. But when she recently reinterviewed 27 never-married (or "ever-single") women from that earlier study, she discovered that most of them had since found emotional satisfaction, sexual fulfillment, and companionship outside of coupledom.

The juicy tomatoes guide to Ripe Living after 50.

By Susan Swartz
Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publishers - 2006

Living single

By Rachel Safier
Salon.com - December 14, 2005

Sociologist E. Kay Trimberger is "the new single woman" referred to in the title of her new book. Successful in her career, surrounded by friends and family, Trimberger is not depressed by the fact that her life doesn't include a partner. A never-married Californian with a 24-year-old son she adopted when he was a newborn, she's the poster girl for her cause -- living single contentedly.

Single Women Pioneering Creative Lifestyles.

Interview with Barbara Payne
SWWAN "Single Working Women's Affiliate Network" - August 17, 2008

Single women today are pioneers--looking beyond traditional forms and breaking new ground to find ways to incorporate intimacy, connections with younger generations, friendship, sensuality, and so on into our lives.

Lisa Birnbach Show

Interview with Lisa Birnbach
GreenStone Media's "Lisa Birnbach Show" - August 2, 2006

Corus Radio Network

By Charles Adler
Corus Radio Network, based in Winnipeg, Canada - May 30, 2006

The Pulse

Interviewed on The Pulse
XM Satellite Radio, The Pulse - October 17, 2005

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Interviewed on Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
KUAR Public Radio, Little Rock, AR Program on Being Single - June 19, 2007

The Morning Show

Interviewed on The Morning Show
KPFA Berkeley The Morning Show - November 28, 2005

Waves of Joy

Interviewed on Waves of Joy
KWMR radio in Point Reyes, CA. Waves of Joy - November 23, 2005

The Quality of Life

Interviewed on The Quality of Life
KVPR-FM 89.3, Fresno & KPRX-FM 89.1, Bakersfield - February 13, 2007

Against The Grain

Interviewed on Against The Grain
KPFA Berkeley 94.1 - July 9, 2003

The Globe at Home

Interviewed on The Globe at Home
New England Cable News TV - October 4, 2005

News Weekend

Interviewed on News Weekend
KRON4 -TV, San Francisco - August 21, 2005