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  • OCT 2005

    The 'soulmate' curse; Belief in the existence of an ideal mate is hurting single women

    Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont, October 9, 2005
    More than half said that they "would form a permanent partnership with a soulmate even if the sex wasn't very good." Because casual and consensual sex is so readily available to young people and the divorce rate is so high, the search for a soulmate implies the need for a deeper and presumably more permanent bond.

  • SEP 2005

    Is living alone the new happy ending?

    By Jennifer Moeller, September 27, 2005 © 2005 The Christian Science Monitor
    Could Cinderella have been happy if she had never met Prince Charming? Before reading E. Kay Trimberger's book, The New Single Woman, I wouldn't even have asked the question.

  • AUG 2005

    Suzanne w. Wood

    Library Journal, August 2005

  • SEP 2005

    Sex and the Solitary Woman

    By Daphne Merkin, September 2005 © 2005 Elle Magazine

  • SEP 2005

    Dear diary: Bridget Jones had it all wrong

    By Jane Ganahl, Sunday, September 11, 2005 © 2005 SF Chronicle
    Can you hear it? That grinding noise? It's the paradigm shifting ever so slightly for single women. You have to look closely to find the evidence -- amid shows like "The Bachelorette" and "Bridezillas" and news stories about so-called "runaway brides." But marriage may be becoming -- at least for women older than 35 -- an elective course in the school of life, no longer adamantly required.

  • JUN 2006

    L. Wolfer, review in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

    By L. Wolfer, June 2006 Vol. 43, # 10

  • JAN 2006

    Love and Marriage (or Not)

    By Andi Zeisler, January/February, 2006 © 2006 Women's Review of Books

  • JUL 2006

    Contemporary Sociology

    By Amy Traver, July 2006 Vol. 35, #4

  • SEP 2005

    Single women are learning life goes on without a mate

    By Sue Hutchinson, September 24, 2005 © 2005 San Jose Mercury News

  • MAY 2006

    "Single - og stolt af det," ALT for damerne

    May 10, 2006 (Danish women's magazine Everything for Women)

  • MAY 2007

    Review of the Polish Edition, Nowa Singielka, "Sama nie samotna."

    By Kazimiera Szczukar, May 7, 2007 Polityka

  • JAN 2006

    Philobiblon Review, with Reader Responses

    By Natalie Bennett, January 31, 2006
    In part seeking answers for her own life -- she's a never-married woman who adopted a child on her own at age 40 -- Trimberger seeks to identify the steps, emotional and practical, they needed to take to become "happy".

  • APR 2006

    The Midwest Book Review

    Review in The Women's Issues Shelf, April 2006

  • OCT 2005

    New Book Empowers Single Women

    By Stephanie Lam, October 5, 2005 © 2005 The Daily Californian
    Let's face it: Some people don't get married. Some people don't end up coupled like oxygen atoms in cute pairs for the rest of their lives. And as one visiting scholar at UC Berkeley insists, that is just as legitimate and acceptable a way of life.

  • NOV 2005

    Single, Not Looking,

    By Jocelyn Kaye, November 19, 2005 The UWM Post

  • FEB 2004

    Sociologist Kay Trimberger is Documenting a New Trend of Unmarried Women Who are Not Only Content, but Happy with their Singular Lives.

    By Susan Swartz, February 29, 2004 © 2004 The Press Democrat
    Don't feel sorry for singles, and call off their worried parents and matchmaking friends. They're just fine, or at least they're doing better than most think, according to Kay Trimberger, a sociologist and Sonoma State University professor whose research into singleness has developed into a theory about the "new single woman." For rest of article go to the following web site and put in Singular Lives for 2004.

  • SEP 2005

    Going solo, but not alone

    By Wendy Edelstein, September 14, 2005 © 2005 UC Berkeley News
    When Kay Trimberger realized in the early '90s that she would probably remain single for the rest of her days, she responded as any good sociologist would. She organized a study.